Amazon listing points to Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’, while official teaser suggests waterproofing

Amazon listing points to Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’, while official teaser suggests waterproofingOnly 48 hours to go until the Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes a reality, so this’ll likely be the last rumour piece we relay, unless something genuinely unbelievable happens on the day of our lord and saviour.

In story this first, we’re calling the enhanced model the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, while an official teaser video blurts out a series of mysterious words to the power of five.

Looking at Amazon US, for starters, we suggest grabbing your bank card and doing a few lines of salt as we peruse, er, an early Samsung Galaxy S5 case listing.

The Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 case boasts compatibility for both the Galaxy S5 and something called the Galaxy S5 Prime.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing that the standard Samsung Galaxy S5 model will come with a 1080p display and plastic body, while the Galaxy S5 Prime (or Premium or whatever we’re calling it) has a 2K HD resolution and possibly a metal bod.

Of course, the good folks at Spigel could be jumping the proverbial gun, and simply going with the Prime name rumoured previously.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S5 teaser video, it lasts a mere 36 seconds, but words like ‘wet’ and ‘brother’ to the power five perhaps suggest waterproofing and two models respectively. Or are we reading too much into it?

In any case, we’ll get the full lowdown as the Samsung Galaxy S5 launches on Monday in Barcelona.

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