Amazon and Microsoft to launch smartphones in 2013

Amazon and Microsoft to launch smartphones in 2013Sometimes a rumour comes way out of leftfield, cracking you on the jaw and making you wonder how you never saw it coming.

Brace yourselves, peeps, as we’re being told – get this – that Microsoft and Amazon will release smartphones in 2013. What in the...?

Okay, that was a terrible introduction, my point being that we’ve heard plenty about a supposed Microsoft Surface smartphone and Amazon smartphone in the past (particularly the latter), yet neither has materialised.

The Amazon smartphone has been rumoured since before the original Kindle Fire launch in 2011.

As for Microsoft, they recently released their Windows RT-based Surface tablet, and big Steve Ballmer has promised more hardware.

The latest rumours come from DigiTimes, crediting – you guessed it – “sources from the upstream supply chain”.

The sources reckon that both the Amazon smartphone and Microsoft Surface smartphone will be put together by Foxconn, the chaps who assemble the iPhone 5 with the explosions and the riots and the suicides and that.

The Microsoft Surface smartphone, unsurprisingly, is tipped to adopt Windows Phone 8 (what else?), while the Amazon smartphone would presumably follow in the Kindle Fire’s footsteps with a customised version of Android focusing on Amazon content.

ETA for both? Mid-2013, seemingly.

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letsgetchemical  Nov. 28, 2012 at 12:54

And Nokia can't even build the hardware for the MS phones, that's cold.

goghodancer  Nov. 28, 2012 at 20:49

Meanwhile Elop bends over even further any begs Ballmer to show him how much of a partner he is


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