Amazon outs Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date

Amazon outs Samsung Galaxy Nexus release dateNovember is shaping up to be a hell of a month for Android releases. On November 1 we’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Motorola RAZR. The release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, however, has been somewhat of a mystery. Until now.

Book giant Amazon has pinned the tail on the release date donkey, and it’s looking like November 17 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus action. Of course, that date is very much “subject to change”, though we doubt it’ll be far off.

That’s pretty good news if you’re desperate to get your hands on the Ice Cream Sandwich-flavoured debutante, but you might not be too happy with el price-o.

Amazon reckons the SIM free Samsung Galaxy Nexus will set you back £549.99 for the 16GB model. Yep, that’s even pricier than the bloody iPhone 4S.

However, Clove suggests its 16GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus might be slightly cheaper, at £514.80. That’s more like it, but still a little pricey.

If you’re going to be like that, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, maybe we’ll take a Motorola RAZR instead. Clove - again - is looking like one of the sexiest options at the moment, with a £454.80 price tag.

Thoughts, gentlemen?

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matt101101 / MOD  Oct. 28, 2011 at 11:55


Nexus Phones are a rip off, they all cost more than their hardware similar counterparts, IMO it's worth waiting until MWC next Feb and seeing what ICS phones pop up there. Or just buy a RAZR and wait 'til Q1 next year for ICS and save a fair chunk of cash in the process.

As for the Note, at £600 inc. VAT, Samsung can fu*k off...

There's my cynical as ever thoughts on the matter ;).


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