Amazon Prime Instant Video now available on Android tablets

Amazon Prime Instant Video now available on Android tablets

At long last, Amazon have released an app for its Prime Instant Video service for Android tablets. There’s a little legwork involved because the app itself isn’t on Google Play- users will have down download the Amazon Appstore app first, then download and install the Amazon Prime Instant Video app through that. It’s almost certainly a way to ensure subscribers of Prime have the app on their devices, but we can’t help but feel it’s all a little too forced. Still, the important thing is that Android tablet users can now stream as much Black Flag and Vikings as they want without having to use another device. Read on for our quick guide..

"How do I get Amazon Prime on my Android device?"

Step one: Download the Amazon Appstore on your Android tablet

Download Amazon's Appstore app here, the APK file will download onto your Android tablet. Pull down your notifications bar from the top of the screen and tap the notification that says the download is complete. Accept the terms and the Amazon app will be installed. Once you've got that locked down, look for the Amazon Prime Instant Video app via Amazon Appstore. So far, so good.

Note that I had to "authorise apps from unknown sources" to download Amazon's Appstore. You can do this in Settings > Security

Step two: Download the Amazon Instant Video app

Now Amazon's Appstore icon is showing on your tablet, tap it and look for the Prime Instant Video app. Download it and sign into your Amazon account.
If Amazon Instant Video doesn't start downloading automatically, you need to search for it and then select to install.

Step three: Go Go Go! Start streaming!

Search and tap  your chosen film and then 'Watch Now'. You'll be asked how you wish to open the video. Choose 'Instant Video' and your movie should begin to stream. Easy!

Amazon Prime Instant Video now available on Android tablets

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universe1992  Apr. 7, 2015 at 16:12

But will it support chromecast?

TROYBOY79  Apr. 8, 2015 at 18:12

This has been available for phones and tablets for ages, Im confused why all the blogs are mentioning this now....


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