Amazon Prime Now: one-hour delivery lands in Manhattan

Amazon Prime Now: one-hour delivery lands in ManhattanI used to think it was pretty cool that I could order something from Amazon in the early evening and have it delivered via Prime the next day, but that notion now seems a tad quaint.

Meet Amazon Prime Now, a delivery service that offers to bring you stuff WITHIN THE HOUR. Good lawd.

Building on the existing Prime delivery promise, Amazon Prime Now will bring stuff to existing Prime customers for free within two hours, or within 60 minutes if you’re willing to pay $7.99.

Amazon Prime Now lands in Manhattan initially, though Amazon promises the service will hit “additional cities” throughout 2015.

“Prime Now is powered by Amazon’s growing network of fulfillment centers that utilize high-end technology to speed up order delivery times for customers,” reads the Prime Now press release.

“Now, Prime members can get products like paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and batteries delivered right to their door in an hour or less.”

In further Amazon news, “several sources close to the situation” tell VentureBeat that the inevitable Fire Phone 2 is in the pipeline, but that it wont be released until 2016 since Amazon has “gone back to the drawing board”. Yeah, that’s probably a, uhm, good idea.

Jeff Bezos recently conceded that the Amazon Fire Phone was a colossal failure, and while the CEO was open to the idea of a Fire Phone 2, he sighed: "It's going to take many iterations. I don't know. Ask me in some number of years.”

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 19, 2014 at 22:15

wont be released until 2016 since Amazon has “gone back to the drawing board”.

I hope that refers to the drawing board on which they draw the first draft of the proper drawing board?


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