Amazon to sell Android apps even if you don't have a phone

Amazon to sell Android apps even if you don't have a phoneWith the number of Android apps available now numbering well into the hundred of thousands, it's not just the Android Market that's doing the selling.

Amazon announced its Android-only Appstore a while ago, and while it's still not gone live, it looks set to offer an interesting feature: the ability to buy apps before you've even bought an Android device.

An Amazon blog post has revealed that developers building apps directly for Amazon will see their creations shown across the online retail giant's site like any other purchase, appearing in the likes of best-seller lists and search results too.

But it's the device-free purchasing that's the real draw. Customers using the Appstore will be able to line up apps for their Android device before it's even arrived. So, for example, splash out on a Samsung Galaxy Tab through Amazon and you'll be able to select the apps you want too. When the tablet arrives the apps will be installed automatically through their association to your Amazon account.

Additionally, Amazon is also looking at including apps in the associated purchases feature, so anyone visiting the Galaxy Tab page will be able to see the apps purchased with the device under the 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…' section.

Amazon will no doubt be hoping the newly announced features will help attract more developers, with many reluctant to get involved because of Amazon's insistence that it will be setting the price of all apps itself.

We've been promised that the Amazon Appstore will go live “soon”, but that's as close to an actual date as we're able to get right now.

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