Amazon smartphone arriving 2Q14 with 3D gesture and eye-tracking input?

Amazon smartphone arriving 2Q14 with 3D gesture and eye-tracking input?“Why the hell would anyone buy an Amazon smartphone?” is the question we’ve been sticking to since the rumours first materialised around two years ago.

Well, here we have our answer – in the form of advanced 3D gesture and eye-tracking input. Interdasting.

That’s the story according to “people familiar with the company's plans”. They’ve been chatting to Apple Insider, presumably in exchange for a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Said people propose that the Amazon smartphone will arrive in Q2 next year with no less than six camera sensors, including a 13MP rear shooter and an impressive 12MP front-facing unit.

As for the other four, well, they’ll sit in the front corners of the device, inviting input via gestures and eye tracking. In theory, you could give your phone the finger to turn it off, while pages could turn automatically when you get to the bottom.

And as if that wasn’t interesting enough, the rest of the Amazon smartphone spec sheet sounds pretty impressive too, including a 4.7in display (something DigiTimes mentioned back in March, oddly enough), and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. All in all, it'll be a "premium" smartphone, we're told.

The Amazon smartphone would presumably run a heavily customised version of Android, in the same fashion as the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

Well, this is all more interesting than the rumours of giving away free phones to Amazon Prime subscribers – that’s for sure.

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