Amazon smartphone to deliver 3D UI via four front-facing cameras

Amazon smartphone to deliver 3D UI via four front-facing camerasAmazon is indeed working on a 3D smartphone, a self-proclaimed insider says, but instead of having a 3D display, it'll rely on four separate cameras placed on the phone's corners to deliver a 3D UI based on your head movement.

The high-end device was scheduled to have appeared already, the insider claims, but ongoing delays mean we'll only likely see it sometime in 2014.

However, as we first heard back in May, there's a second Amazon smartphone on the cards too, and this one will be far more affordable, and is set to land around the end of the year.

The info comes to us via TechCrunch following a new post on Hacker News relating the claims, and TC reckons it's confirmed as much as it can via its own sources and it all seems legit.

The 3D handset – which is reportedly known under the codename “Smith” – will use its four corner cams to track the user's head and eyes and configure the UI accordingly to give the impression of 3D.

The on-board software will apparently be able to ignore other faces and still deliver the 3D effect to your eyes even when you're just one of many people looking at the phone and any given time.

With a quartet of front cameras, we can expect a fairly serious set of components on the inside, as together with the traditional rear-facing camera it'll have five separate snappers to keep on top of.

However, we're still waiting on specifics, and anyway, the planned specs may change if we're still a few months away from the final release date.

Rumours about an Amazon smartphone are nothing new, and many were expecting one to emerge at the event last month that saw the latest Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX tablets announced.

Going by what the Hacker News report says, it now seems that was the original plan, but delays forced the announcement to be postponed.

It's much the same as what happened with the original Kindle Fire announcement, which was reportedly due to be released well before it eventually did see the light of day.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 3, 2013 at 16:48

IF the Parallax effect in iOS 7 makes people pukey - as reported, then I do want to see the launch of this :p Please send Lewis for the first trial ;)

Seriously, though: LOL
Worst rumour ever.

Rubisco  Oct. 3, 2013 at 20:49

4 cameras?

To do the same job as the Nintendo DSi game "3d Hidden Picture" managed to do nearly 4 years ago using a single VGA camera and a 133 MHz CPU?


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