Amazon smartphone design revealed in leaked render

Amazon smartphone design revealed in leaked renderCast your filthy minds back to Behold: the Amazon smartphone, and you might recall our collective first glimpse at the much-discussed handset, with the intentionally boxy case making it look almost like a close relative of the Lumia family.

Well, no more! The Amazon smartphone has cheekily shed the aforementioned case, and resultantly we’re getting a clear look at its design. Er, in render format.

No prizes for guessing that the latest Amazon smartphone leak comes courtesy of BGR, which amusingly neglects to use the word “render” even once.

Instead, it’s described as an image “created for internal use by graphic designers at Amazon”. And fear not: “Multiple trusted sources have verified the authenticity of the image”. Thank fu…

Call us cynical, but you have to think that Amazon is probably entirely ok with this seemingly calculated series of leaks in the build up to its first smartphone launch.

In recent weeks, we’ve heard that the Amazon smartphone’s four front cameras will contribute eye tracking and 3D display technology, while the UI will be focused on tilting rather than swiping and tapping.

And not forgetting Amazon Prime Data, which was leaked in name only, but probably means some sort of, y’know, low-cost – or even free – data deal for Prime subscribers.

Team Bezos moved to quash Amazon smartphone rumours last year, when it was suggested that the handset would launch in 2013 and possibly be free. As such, we can only assume the above stuff - all courtesy of BGR - is kosher.

Yeah, so, BGR, the official unofficial home of the Amazon smartphone's pre-launch marketing campaign. Keep ‘em comin’, guys.

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