Amazon smartphone: lots of tilting, not so much tapping

Amazon smartphone: lots of tilting, not so much tappingTouchscreen phones have traditionally invited taps aplenty, alongside swipes and occasional multi-fingered gestures (why do I suddenly feel compelled to give my laptop the finger?).

The Amazon smartphone will reportedly take an entirely new approach, focusing instead on… tilting? Hmm. Lots more below.

That’s the story according to the intelligent young males (see what I did there?) at Boy Genius Report (yeah, now you see), following on from last week’s exclusive Amazon smartphone pics.

As we’ve heard before, Amazon smartphone specs will include an additional four front cameras – one in each corner – for eye-tracking silliness, allowing the device to show 3D images without the need for glasses.

Furthermore, BGR says you’ll be able to tilt the phone to bring up additional contextual information.

In the native Email and Calendar apps, for example, tilting will reveal labels below otherwise unmarked icons, detailing the function of each.

Similarly, in the Amazon video store, tilting will bring up IMDb ratings, while tilting will also scroll the page in the Kindle app. Is it just me, or does the latter in particular sound potentially irksome?

Ultimately, we’re told, the Amazon smartphone will do away with Menu buttons in many of its proprietary apps, with sliding panels instead moving around as the user tilts.

Hmm, we’ll reserve judgment until we’ve actually tried it, but… hmm.

What do you think? Worst idea ever, or the future of smartphones?

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 23, 2014 at 19:07

Not remotely intrigued...
But we'll see.


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