Amazon tablet: quad-core Nvidia processors, 7in and 10in models coming

Amazon tablet: quad-core Nvidia processors, 7in and 10in models coming

We've said it before, but it never ceases to amaze us just how quickly Amazon has turned itself into a serious mobile contender.

App store? Check. Android tablet? Check, apparently. The latest step has been Amazon taking up a seat on the ever-turning rumour mill merry-go-round, complete with obligatory leaks from shady “insiders” every other day reckoning they know exactly what the company is up to.

Step in Silicon Valley analyst Tim Bajarin, who's quoting the aforementioned insiders – in this case component suppliers from Taipei – as saying Amazon has plans to produce both 7in and 10in tablets, both of which are set to appear before the end of the year.

Bajarin's sources confirm other recent rumours that the slates will run the next-generation quad-core Nvidia Tegra SoC silicon, which given the rough 12-month cycle we've seen so far from each generation of Nvidia mobile tech will probably make them about the first to appear with the quad-core chips on board.

On top of that, Bajarin claims Amazon was considering a switchable hybrid LCD offering both a “black and white E Ink-like display and a colour LCD”, but that the technology is still at least a year away from being ready.

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Stelph  May. 24, 2011 at 16:42

I wonder if this analyst actually has insiders or if he is making it up? I think its pretty obvious what Amazon has to gain by creating a Tablet as they can intigrate their wide range of ebooks, music and film distribution networks and make their profit from content. It would make sense for them to investigate having an LCD/e-reader screen since again, they would want people to have the best set-up to enjoy their content so they come back to buy more! (that is e-ink for books and LCD for films). And the quad core will be to push HD film downloads and gaming from the amazon app store.

Come back when you have more interesting info, like conformation of a LoveFilm tie-in, prices and solid release dates


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