Is an Amazon tablet just the start?

Is an Amazon tablet just the start?It's a mobile tech story we've enjoyed seeing develop over the last few months – Amazon's unlikely emergence as a serious mobile player, with first its own app store, and now, almost certainly, a tablet in the works.

But now the rumour-mill has hit overdrive with whispers that an own-brand tablet could just be the start of Amazon's mobile ambitions, and we could be looking at a whole-family of Android-based devices from the online retailer, including an Amazon smartphone.

A lot of people are still struggling to get their heads around the concept of an Amazon slate, despite boss Jeff Bezos' very coy non-denial in an interview last week. But Android and Me's latest suggestions take things to a whole new level.

The site goes into plenty of detail in its in-depth rumour piece, but at the core of it all is word from “an industry insider with direct knowledge of the project” that a whole range of devices is in the works.

Another source – also unnamed – is given the nod too, but notably neither is actually credited with saying what this so-called “family” of devices will include.

Instead it's Android and Me itself speculating that we're talking about several tablets and probably a smartphone, some of which at least are allegedly being lined up for release this very year.

It's an interesting read, to be fair, and it's obviously based on some foundation of fact – however small. But we'll happily file this one away in the bottom drawer for now...

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