Amazon tablet tipped to launch in 'August-September'

Amazon tablet tipped to launch in 'August-September'

It's an interesting time for the tablet market, with suggestions that nobody except Apple has had any real success at all and rumours that some manufacturers are thinking of ditching their tablet dreams altogether.

Not Amazon, of course – we know the one-time digital book peddler is rather excited about its debut Android tablet. And the latest suggestion is that Amazon is likely to launch its slate as soon as August.

Like a lot of the Amazon tablet rumours we've come upon recently, the latest collection of whisperings comes from Taiwan's DigiTimes, which regularly paints itself as having a hotline to many of the most prominent electronics component manufacturers.

It reckons Quanta Computer will be the company responsible for assembling the Amazon tablet, and that the recently resurgent TI will be the processor maker of choice, instead of Nvidia, who had been seen as the likely choice until now. DigiTimes also mentions touch panels from Wintek, not EIH, as a likelihood.

But the most interesting suggestion of all is that Amazon is making plans for as many as four million units to head off the production lines in 2011 alone, with a launch date pencilled in for soon as “August-September”.

That's supposedly so it can hit peak volumes for the US Thanksgiving period and the year-end holidays in the States and here in Europe.

We're pleased to hear mention of us here on this side of the Atlantic, as Amazon hasn't been too speedy in getting its US innovations rolled out internationally in the past, and we'd hate to be left waiting into 2012 for what could be one of the more interesting tech launches of recent years.

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