The Amazon tablet: now the WSJ also says it'll be here by October

The Amazon tablet: now the WSJ also says it'll be here by OctoberSo, Amazon's tablet, then. Back in March someone reckoned an Amazon slate wouldn't be a bad idea, and just three months later we were talking about an August-September launch.

That story came from DigiTimes, quoting its “supply sources”. Not for the first time with DigiTimes, a few of us thought “yeah, pull the other one”. Well, the Wall Street Journal has pretty much done just that, reporting a similar rumour and quoting “people familiar with the matter”.

The gist of a fairly long and rambling WSJ article cataloguing the tale of the Amazon tab so far is that the slate – or slates, as many are suggesting – will launch “by October”.

Now fair enough – the WSJ has a fair record at being close to or on the money with its suggestions, but just once we'd love to hear something like “Steve from the Amazon post room” rather than “sources familiar with the matter” or the even more inspired “sources familiar with Amazon's thinking”.

Anyway, the Amazon tablet's coming within the next few months. Of that you can now be all but certain. Wonder if Steve in the post room knows how long Amazon will take to introduce it in the UK...

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