Get £110 worth of Amazon vouchers when you pre-order the HTC One M9 on Vodafone via uSwitch

Get £110 worth of Amazon vouchers when you pre-order the HTC One M9 on Vodafone via uSwitch

HTC One M9 on Vodafone via uSwitch, with £110 worth of Amazon vouchers

If you’ve been on the fence deciding whether to get the upcoming HTC One M9 ahead of its release at the end of the month, this offer from uSwitch might help push you over. The 24-month contract at £43.50 and £19 upfront cost provides unlimited calls and texts with 4GB of data allowance, but you can also claim £110 worth of Amazon voucher as well, which well and truly sweetens the pot.

As for the phone itself, the One M9 improves on its predecessor with a 20.7-megapixel camera and Dolby 5.1 speakers, as well as an improved version of HTC's Sense software suite. The release date for the One M9 is March 31st.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 24, 2015 at 13:14

Good offer.

Judging by some reviews (Engadget.... ***gulp*** ) the camera on the back is rather disappointing... That is bad, isn't it? So, really - M7 lovers may as well 'upgrade' to a discount M8.
Granted - I'm so annoyed with my M8 that I'm pretty biased. And HTC's updates have been pretty poor. Couple of days ago the camera app was updated. Result: "Duo Camera is blocked" warning pops up randomly. But when I actually, on purpose block it, no warning... Yay. And the high contrast issue is getting worse and worse with every 'fix'. And: that web gallery to share the faux 3D animation thingies? Started and not improved. I don't know of a single browser that works with that gallery consistently.

Why am I saying this? This offer aside I have already seen many other offers, freebies etc etc... And the device isn't even in the shops yet.
It's almost as if they know it's going to bomb in a bad way.

N.B. - don't take my word, though - I'm not an Android fan. I'd probably be more positive about the One-series if they ran WP or BB or java....


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