Analyst: huge growth potential for tablets

Analyst: huge growth potential for tabletsWe do enjoy our statistics here on Mobot. Mike Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets, has done us proud, with an 88-page report on the tablet market. I won’t lie to you; I haven’t read all 88 pages. Erm, yet.

The gist of the report is summed up in a handy graph, with the amusing title: “Tablet and Smartphone Users vs. Other Markets (The Potential For Growth Is Huge)”.

The graph shows that over 5 billion of us humans are mobile subscribers, though there are only 394 million smartphone and tablet users. With just 0.3% of the world's population adopting them to date, smartphones and tablets are miles behind, well, everything else on the graph, including broadband subscriptions, newspaper circulation and telephone lines.

Abramsky reckons there’ll be more than 400 million global tablet users by 2014. Interestingly, he predicts that Android - not Apple - will rule the proverbial roost by then. Here’s how Mike thinks it’ll break down:

  • 40% Android
  • 34% Apple
  • 13% Microsoft
  • 8% Blackberry
  • 5% HP webOS

I’m sure Abramsky knows his stuff, but I still don’t get tablets. I wonder if Mike can tell me what the chances are I’ll own one by 2014. Hmm.

via Business Insider

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