Analyst: every iPhone user will want an Apple Watch, 100,000 apps at launch, Android Wear is ‘disconnected and haphazard’

Analyst: every iPhone user will want an Apple Watch, 100,000 apps at launch, Android Wear is ‘disconnected and haphazard’It’s been a looooong time coming, but Tim Cook says the Apple Watch release date is April this year – the subsequent months confirming if the Californians’ first wearable will truly kick-start the long-promised wearable tech boom.

In the meantime, some analyst guy makes two rather lofty Apple Watch predictions: firstly that almost every iPhone user will want one, and that there’ll be 100,000 apps from Day One.

We’re perusing Barron’s here, which relays a couple of rather lengthy speech bubbles from analyst Trip Chowdry of Global Equities Research.

For starters, Trip argues that the Apple Watch is essentially an extension of the iPhone rather than a standalone device, and as such all 350 million iPhone owners will want one. As many as 42 million might satisfy the Apple Watch urge by December.

Being slightly cynical, we’d argue that the Apple Watch is purely a luxury device, with many still curious about, y’know, what it actually does. But hey, what the heck do we know?!

Trip adds that there’ll be 100,000 Apple Watch apps by April 2015, which either means at launch or shortly thereafter. Being slightly cynical again, one might point out that quality is more important than quantity, but we’ll find out in due course. Does the Apple Watch support fart apps, for example? These are the questions people need to be asking.

Finally, Trip reckons the Apple Watch is better than its Android Wear-based counterparts, with sandboxing that “dramatically reduces developer errors, that could drain battery life”. Indeed, Android Wear is – according to Trip – comparatively “disconnected and haphazard”. Ouch.

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