Analysts to Nokia: ditch MeeGo for WinPho 7

Analysts to Nokia: ditch MeeGo for WinPho 7With Nokia boss Stephen Elop all set to deliver a key address on a company strategy day next week, several leading analysts are increasingly of the opinion that the company should ditch MeeGo and team up with Windows Phone 7 instead.

Like the white iPhone and the Loch Ness Monster, MeeGo is so far known more for the fact that the general public has never laid eyes on it than for any attributes it's supposed to have. And having waited this long for the mythical OS, clearly some observers can't be bothered waiting any longer.

“Get rid of your own proprietary high-end solution – it’s the biggest joke in the tech industry right now and will put you even further behind Apple and Google,” Berenberg Bank analyst Adnaan Ahmad told Elop bluntly in an open letter also addressed to Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer.

“Push your Symbian solutions into the low-to-mid-range smartphone market as quickly as possible to defend market share versus Android’s upcoming lowered cost ecosystem.”

Nokia will argue that – on the latter point at least – that's exactly what it's been trying to do, but on the former it would signal defeat after making a massive strategic and time investment in the MeeGo platform with partner Intel.

MeeGo is a combination of the Maemo operating system seen on the well regarded Nokia N900 from a couple of years ago, and Intel's Moblin. The problem is, we knew about that much two 12 months ago when MeeGo was first announced. A year later, still no hardware, and still no fixed date for when we'll be getting some.

Ahmad's tough talk didn't stop with just Nokia, either. He said the move was just as important to Microsoft, too. Addressing Ballmer, he asked: “right now, do you really think HTC, Samsung and LG are pushing your products ahead of Google’s? You need to tie yourself to a high-volume player to be relevant, which I know goes against your DNA.”

Another analyst, Wedge Partners' Brian Blair, argued that moving to WinPho 7 “would address the key concern we have had about Nokia for the last several years: terrible software”.

He did suggest, however, that Nokia might already be thinking the same thing.

“Until recently,” he is quoted by Forbes as saying, “we believe there were a handful of MeeGo-based handsets slated for release in the back half of 2011, though we believe the potential release schedules for these phones have been halted indefinitely, a sign that Nokia is about to dramatically change its direction.”

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Stelph  Feb. 3, 2011 at 14:33

Nah, theres no way that Nokia would ditch Meego at this stage (just before their first handset comes out), however I agree its quite touch and go at the moment as Nokia are very much on the back foot against iOS and Android.

However saying that I personally was quite impressed with Symbian3, if Nokia can get all the best parts of the other OS's out there into Meego (i.e Developer support to make apps, the user friendlyness of iOS and the Media creation ability that they brought in for Symbian3 (whch Android is sorely missing) then they could be onto a winner.

Johnmcl7  Feb. 4, 2011 at 00:53

I don't think Nokia are that much on the back foot technically just more wih their image. Maemo was an impressive operating system which was quite a long way ahead of Android and Apple on its release but unfortunately was terminated early on. The Nokia C8 has some pretty impressive stats as well, its camera sensor is larger than most compacts (almost on par with the top end compacts such as the Panasonic LX5 and Canon S95) and six times bigger than the Iphone4 sensor which Apple boasted so much about. It has USB host capability allowing it to mount both USB drives as well as keyboard/mouse devices.

I disagree with the article particularly as some of it just plain wrong, it seems to come from someone who hasn't actually looked at any of the specific details of the systems he's talking and those details are very important. One of the most obvious issues is that Microsoft and Nokia's approach to operating systems are the complete opposite of each other, Microsoft have gone for a very locked down Apple like approach with WP7 whereas Nokia have always tried to make their systems as functional as possible. Furthermore it's proving difficult for WP7 manufacturers to distinguish their handsets as they have to work with such tight restrictions on what hardware and design the phone can have. About the only one I've seen which stands out from its rivals is Motorola's toughened WP7 phone.

As for not knowing any more about Meego, this simply is wrong as there's plenty of information out there and it's not hard to find. There's also little reference to the stumbling block in the project which isn't Nokia, it's Intel who seem to be failing to provide the hardware which even Microsoft seem to be getting frustrated with after announcing ARM support for Windows.

Even if Intel decide to ditch X86 and go back to ARM it still wouldn't make any sense to go to WP7, Meego can run on ARM and it's not just Nokia and Intel who have an interest in Meego but also Novell and AMD.

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 4, 2011 at 11:28

Makes no sense. Microsoft worked much longer on Windows Phone 7 than Nokia on Meego. And look what state WP7 was in on launch: unfinished! So now Nokia are supposed to ditch Meego and instead adopt Vista's mini me? I'm glad those overpaid analysts don't build phones. Or chairs. Or paper airplanes.

Johnmcl7  Feb. 5, 2011 at 21:37

It's the other way round, WP7 is an all new operating system whereas Meego is an older operating system that dates back quite a few years as the current one Nokia is working on is essentially still Maemo 6/Harmattan.



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