Android now up to 22 per cent of the tablet market

Android now up to 22 per cent of the tablet market

The second coming of Android is officially underway. Fresh from claiming domination in the smartphone stakes, Google's mobile OS is overcoming its late start in the tablet arena to start chipping away at Apple's early advantage.

More than chipping away – in fact: Android has hacked nearly 20 per cent out of iOS' dominant share of the slate market in just three months, and every sign points towards even bigger inroads to come.

Market research firm Strategy Analytics has just outed its latest quarterly sales figures for the tablet market – for the three month ending in December. And while the figures show a tablet market in rude health, it also shows Android is the main reason behind it.

A total of 9.7 million tablets were sold in Q4, more than half of the 17.6m slates shifted in the whole year. And while the iPad itself had a record quarter, shifting over seven million units, it was Android that made the biggest moves overall.

While barely 100,000 Android tablets were shifted between July and September, that figure shot up to over two million from October to December, or 22%. That still leaves Apple with 75% of the market, but that's down from 95% the quarter before.

To put it another way, the tablet market grew by five million tablets in Q4, and two million of those were powered by Android. And – lest we forget – that's before Android Honeycomb appeared, and before the Motorola Xoom and all its high-powered friends gatecrashed CES in a big way.

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Reser  Feb. 1, 2011 at 12:07

Unfortunatley for Android the new Ipad 2 is iminent and will be announced in March, Their share of the market will most deffinatly drop massivley once Ipad 2 is released.

Andy247  Feb. 1, 2011 at 13:52

Reading the leaked spec sheet of the iPad 2 i don't think it will be as popular this time around. Don't get me wrong, it will sell well because Apple has a loyal fan base, as well as a 'cool' brand, but the sheer volume of alternatives will make it difficult to choose style over substance this time around.
The original iPad only really had Windows tablets that have been around for years to compete against.

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 1, 2011 at 14:58

To beat Apple at their game they have to ditch the Apple rule book. Don't just make a biiig Galaxy S and call it an iPad rival. I have a Galaxy Tab. It's a good device. But it should have come with some more innovative features - how about USB-hosting a la Nokia's USB-On-The-Go? How about an output to computer monitors - thus eliminating the need for a laptop? (oh, right, Sammy make laptops. Big chance)It's 2011 and they can't fit a USB port?


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