Android 64-bit support coming soon?

Android 64-bit support coming soon?Smartphone technology has been ahead of the proverbial game of late. We’ve got octo-core processors, eye-melting PPI ratings way beyond the proposed 300PPI cut-off, and 4K video recording. Do we need any of those things? You decide, Jeeves.

The latest thingy thrown in the great big melting pot is 64-bit processing. Apple got the ball rolling with the iPhone 5S, Samsung confirmed it’ll embrace the technology in due course, and now Android support is seemingly on the cards.

The news comes via Daily Tech, where Jason Mick reports on an Intel conference in which the processor dudes supposedly gushed over Android - it being the world's most popular smartphone operating system 'n' all.

Intel has dipped a toe in Android waters, but its processors have found their way into a very small number of devices to date, perhaps most notably the now-wallet-friendly Motorola Razr i.

Anyway! At the conference, Intel displayed a slide titled “Enhancements of Android”, including, yep, 64-bit.

It’s inferred that Android 64-bit processor support will arrive with the next version of the OS, namely Kit Kat Android 4.4, though it’s not clear when we might see the hardware taking advantage of it.

For a suitably geeky debate about the benefits of 64-bit (or lack thereof), hit up this Mobot discussion thread.

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