Android activations hit 700,000 a day

Android activations hit 700,000 a dayAndroid's attempts at world domination appear to be gathering pace. Since we told you back in June that half a million Google devices were being activated a day, that number's shot up. Andy Rubin says it's now nearer 700,000 new users per 24 hours.

There's been some disquiet about how Google reaches its numbers with recent claims that 10 billion downloads had been reached were a little wooly because updates were also in there. So let's talk you through the maths here.

Rubin says what Google has done is count each device only once. And that device only makes the grade if it connected to a wireless service provider. Those on wifi or running several ROMS were not mentioned.

Of course, many of these devices are not the ones you'll pick up on the British high street with developing markets like India, China and Brazil accounting for huge numbers here. Though we like to do our bit in Blighty and confidently predict that come Christmas morning, there are bound to be a few extra lights going on at Google server HQ.

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