Android best for ads, iOS best for apps

Android best for ads, iOS best for appsOnly yesterday we wrote about gaming guru John Carmack saying Android users are a bit tight when it comes to shelling out for high-end games, and it seems the trend applies to Google's mobile OS across the board.

A new report shows that while Android devices are responsible for nearly half of all mobile ad impressions, when it comes to turning a profit from app sales Android still lags a long way behind Apple's iOS.

The latest figures from Millennial Media reveal that last month Android accounted for 48% of all ad impressions viewed on mobile devices, significantly up on Apple's 31%, with all the other platforms combined contributing just 21%.

Good news for advertisers, then, but for app developers the picture is very different. Nearly half of all the cash spent on apps last month originated from Apple's mobile OS, versus just 36% from Android.

Breaking the figures down further, Millennial revealed that the greatest growth in ad revenue was being seen by non-phone mobile devices such as tablets or web-enabled media players. This sector now contributes 17% of all ad impressions, with feature phones accounting for 19% and smartphones the remaining 64%.

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