Android claims smartphone OS top spot in the US

Android claims smartphone OS top spot in the USWe were told it was just a matter of time until it happened, and now sure enough it has: Android's big push has seen it surge past both BlackBerry OS and Apple's iOS to become the most popular mobile operating system of all in the US.

According to the latest figures from analyst Nielsen, the robotic OS now holds 29% of the US smartphone market, with BlackBerry OS and iOS now sharing second on 27%.

Android has been gaining steadily on its two chief smartphone OS rivals in recent times, mainly fuelled by the steady increase in the number of devices with the platform on board.

HTC remains the most popular maker of Android phones, accounting for just over 40% of Android's quota, just ahead of Motorola – which has always been particularly strong in the US – with Samsung following in a distant third.

While Apple and RIM may have seen Google snatch away the smartphone high ground, they can at least console themselves that their share comes from their own products, rather than devices running their platform under licence.

Windows Phone 7, meanwhile, now holds a not-insubstantial 10% of the US smartphone market, mainly thanks to HTC, whose phones have accounted for seven out of 10 WinPho devices sold.

Bringing up the rear in the smartphone state of the nation are HP/Palm, with 4% of the market, and Symbian, which has just 2% – though Symbian and Nokia have always struggled in the US.

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