Are Android custom ROMs safe --- is there a chance of bricking?

What are the chances of bricking an Android phone when playing around with custom ROMs?

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 23, 2013 at 11:26

Yes, there is a chance of bricking the phone. There always is. People here bricked unrooted phones... an official software update CAN go wrong.
Important: wherever you get the ROM from: read ALL instructions. Then read the comments. Then read the instructions again. Then, as you go about rooting and flashing, have the instructions open and keep checking.
If one step of the process doesn't go as described, don't go on thinking, "the rest may still work"... it probably won't.
ONLY follow reputable tutorials - XDA Forums, MoDaCo, CyanogenMod...
IF the guide/tutorial is poorly written and there is anything ambiguous in the descriptions, move on to another guide.If the author cannot describe the process logically and coherently, s/he probably didn't quite 'get it' him/herself. A lot of sites post half-assed guides to fill space and get hits.
Make sure the ROM is for your handset model! Exactly your handset model. Not some US variant, etc...

CHECK the tutorial/guide and comment threads for hints as to what could go wrong and how to proceed when something does go wrong. Don't wait til sh*t happens to find the solution. You'll be p*ssed off/freaking out/panicking. DON'T! Prepare.

If any term or phrase in the tutorial is alien to you, DO NOT go ahead until you understand!

Once the custom ROM is flashed, and the phone seems okay, REBOOT! Don't do anything, yet. Reboot! Wait a few minutes so files get indexed etc... Then: TURN OFF the phone. Wait a few minutes. Turn it on again... IF all is well at that point, you can sigh and start playing around with your 'new' device.

PS: some files you need to download to your computer to root or flash a ROM will be flagged as 'malware' by your antivirus programme. Again, if the source is reputable, that can be normal, and you may have to disable your antivirus/firewall...


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