Android falling behind Apple in app revenue stakes

Android falling behind Apple in app revenue stakesAah... another Apple vs Android story.

Android may have recently hit ten billion app downloads and Android is certainly the most used OS on the planet with 700,000 new activations alone every day. But when it comes to cold hard cash, it would appear that Apple is firmly on top.

According to Distimo, the App Store is far more lucrative, generating six times more revenue than the Android Market. If you break it down, that's four times more via the iPhone and two times more on the iPad.

It was calculated by looking at the 200 top grossing apps and half of the revenue comes not from actually downloading the programme but from those nifty in-app purchases Cupertino now allows. And this is even more representative in Android where 65% of revenue comes via the same method.

Interestingly, Chinese App Store downloads are up considering Android is making big gains in that market.

Via GSM Arena

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Treab  Dec. 22, 2011 at 19:21

200 top grossing apps

but is it less across the whole system? i.e. does android make more money for more niche developers whereas apple only makes money for the top ones.


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