Where are all the Android Gameloft games?!?!

When I search for Gameloft games on the Android Market some of them don’t come up? Where’s N.O.V.A.?!

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CTPAHHIK  Jun. 2, 2011 at 08:14

On Gameloft website.

Which ones are good btw? Unfortunately, They do not provide demo to try.

I liked Assassin's Creed and Dungeon Hunter. Hero of Sparta was OK.
Did not like any of racing games - tilting phone all the time is not for me.
Hawx and NOVA are really bad in my opinion. Both games require big screen. NOVA needs a mouse.

JanSt / MOD  Jun. 2, 2011 at 09:08

Thank G*d, I'm not alone. I played NOVA on iPhone, Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab... Absolutely pointless imho.
Those kind of games are stunning showcases for today's phones' power, but they are eventually frustrating, because emersion, and beauty aren't matched by the controls and or screensize.

emmajk42 / MOD  Jun. 2, 2011 at 10:43

dawnard0 - it might be possible that they're not compatiable with your handset? I heard that the Android market doesn't show you those games which aren't compatible.

CTPAHHIK  Jun. 7, 2011 at 08:21

Sacred Odyssey seems good. I only played 10 minutes, but it looks promising.


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