Android Honeycomb actually has Gingerbread UI on board

Android Honeycomb actually has Gingerbread UI on boardAndroid's tablet and smartphone strains are going to have to agree to disagree until Ice Cream Sandwich comes along later in the year to bring them back together.

But it turns out Google has actually tucked away Gingerbread's interface inside Honeycomb, and to switch one to the other requires nothing more than a simple tweak to a system file.

According to Pocketables, Honeycomb actually comes with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread user interface on board, which was discovered by Dell Streak 7 MVP developer DJ_Steve.

The Gingerbread interface can be unhidden simply by changing the LCD density: if it's set to 170 or higher, then the tablet is rebooted, you'll be greeted by all the graphical elements of Gingerbread, including the lock screen, dock, app drawer, keyboard and so on.

Return the LCD density to 160 or lower, reboot again and your familiar Honeycomb UI will be back exactly as you remember it. There's a helpful video walkthrough of how to go about the whole thing over on Pocketables.

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