Android in-app billing now live

Android in-app billing now liveMicropayments ahoy! Google has just given the green light to an Android in-app billing service in a bid to lure developers away from Apple's iOS.

We got wind list week that the facility was coming, and now app creators can build in the option to make purchases from within apps on Android smartphones – with Google taking a little of the top for its troubles, naturally.

In-app billing offers developers all sorts of possibilities to enhance their creations, from adding paid bonus levels and extra weapons in games, to offering additional services or virtual goods you can purchase with little more than the tap of a finger.

The system will allow users to download paid content on a trial basis without having to re-download should they decide they're willing to pay full price.

As for Google, its stake in the matter is the not insignificant 30% – that's a fairly hefty cut when you consider it applies to every transaction made across the entire Android platform.

A few apps have already been made available with the in-app billing system in place, including the likes of Tap Tap Revenge, Comics and Deer Hunter Challenge HD.

Needless to say, more will come in due course.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 30, 2011 at 11:08

There's a reason Google call Android 'open source' :p 30% is a nice source, indeed.


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