Android and iPhone users, what would it take to make you consider Windows Phone?

Are you using an Android phone or iPhone?

Would you consider Windows Phone?

What would it take to make you consider Windows Phone? A non-Microsoft manufacturer? Crazy specs? A change to the OS in some fashion?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 27, 2014 at 15:07

I've been using Windows Phone on and off since the launch of WP8.
The hardware is generally good. And the OS is solid and fast and resource light.....
The problem is that 3rd party apps are at best adequate, and - on average - p*ss poor. Or absent. MS was hellbent on making it easy for devs to clobber together apps fast, so they can catch up with iOS and Android by saying, we now have x-hundred thousand apps... The problem is: the quality sucks. And finding the handful of good WP apps is difficult because the search is absolutely the worst. Symbian. Fr*ggin' Symbian S60 3rd has a better Twitter app or two than anything on offer for WP.
Oddly, the exception are borderline illegal apps - such as Youtube video downloaders etc.
But no: I'd prefer ANY WP midranger to any Android flagship bar, maybe the Note 4.
iOS has the edge, though. It's relatively light, fast, solid, and the apps are the best unless you have an old webOS Pre 3 lying around.
Dito hardware - the Lumia 930, 1520... heck, the 830 is more better than almost all Android phones. They look good, and you can use them to drive nails into very hard wood. The overhyped, ooooooh, metal M8 gets dented from people staring at it too hard.
And the less said about the awful iPhone 6(+) designs in terms of ergonomics, the better.


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