Android Market catalogue to surpass App Store by August

Android Market catalogue to surpass App Store by AugustIt’s always been the case that Apple’s App Store has had more content than the Android Market. Sure, we expected the latter to catch up eventually, but one analyst reckons it might happen in just a few months time.

According to Egle Mikalajunaite’s synopsis of Android Market Insights, a free report published by research2guidance, Android will boast the biggest catalogue of apps by August 2011.

At the turn of the year, the Android Market was sitting on around 150,000 apps, while the App Store had double that amount, but Android is catching up fast.

The Android Market first surpassed the App Store in terms of new apps last October. That trend has continued, and in April this year, the former added 28,000 new apps while the latter added just 11,000.

Applying the same growth rate, a little graph suggests that the Android Market will finally surpass Apple’s App Store in August.

Interestingly, the graph also implies that the Android Market will have a ridiculous 600,000+ apps by the end of 2011. The phrase “quality not quantity” springs to mind.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 7, 2011 at 10:31

That is so great, seeing how probably 50* of them are really good (*of which half do what the other half does. So it's more like 25... :p )
There... #beatmeUpScotty


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