Android Market hits 6 billion downloads as Google rakes in the cash

Android Market hits 6 billion downloads as Google rakes in the cashOK, so we've been banging on a little about the App Store lately – no surprise, really given Apple's decision to up its prices for no good reason we can understand.

But you know what? Android and its Market aren't coming along too badly themselves, and Google's pocketing plenty of cash of its own in the process.

We're into quarterly financial figures season again, and ahead of Apple's expected big bucks announcement next week we have Google's own bean-counting results, and it's safe to say Big G has plenty of money in its digital back pocket – a very large part of it thanks to Android.

Google turned over a substantial $9.02 billion in gross revenues for Q2 – that's 32% more than the same time last year – prompting CEO Larry Page to roll out the old “record breaking” adjective.

And even though the Android Market doesn't turn around as much cash per app as Apple's market-leading equivalent, there are now 550,000 new Android devices being cranked into life every day, up from 500,000 just last month.

There are 130 million of the blighters all in all, and Google reckons the Android Market has now clocked up six billion downloads.

So while the App Store has still well ahead on 15 billion downloads, it's probably only a matter of time before the Android Market topples that record too. At least Apple will still have all its cash whatever happens.

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