Android Market reaches 10 billion downloads

Android Market reaches 10 billion downloadsWell, four billion downloads. Not bad for five months work!

That's surely what Google is thinking with the news that the Android Market has now hit ten billion downloads - up four billion since we last told you about how well Android was doing in July when it passed the 6b mark.

In fact, most of the growth has been in recent months with the number of Android handsets exploding - you can see a fair bit of the exploding effect on that nifty graph image to your left.

Android activations are going through the roof right now - especially with the growth of handsets in emerging markets like India and China. Earlier this year, they were hitting half a million every single day.

But of course, any increase which is good news for Google could necessarily spell some bad news for handset owners because those little gremlins are working extra hard to make it a less pleasant experience. Malware for Android is also on the up - and with lots of free apps, there's always the chance of being hit easier than you would as an iUser.

So take care out there, folks!

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anonymous1232453647  Dec. 7, 2011 at 23:03

I bet 9.9 billion of those downloads is just ridiculous tiny updates for which you need to download the whole APK file for. Android is a joke and nothing more than a gimmick to keep the people who think they are techy occupied.

JanSt / MOD  Dec. 8, 2011 at 09:12

Agree about the updates. I had a SE Play for 3 days. Only 8 apps installed. In those 3 days 15 or 16 updates were "needed" ! Yesterday I installed a few apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Within 6 hours ALL apps had updates ready. So, yeah - gimme a break.


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