Android: A million activations every day

Android: A million activations every dayAt least Google can give itself a pat on the proverbial back - because if it is to be believed, it's shifting Android devices like nobody's business.

All eyes are on Google's I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco this week, where aside from launching the Nexus 7 and Android Jelly Bean, Google also revealed that it's activating new Android devices to the tune of one million per day. Wow!

As BGR reports, that works out as 12 new devices being activated evert second of every day. Regardless of how you feel about Googke's mobile OS itself, you have to admit that's a pretty impressive achievement.

Lots of those users will be in developing markets like China and Brazil where there will be a plethora of Droids for one to pick from!

What else is new? Well, Google reckons its Market (or now, Google Play) has really come of age and is allowing users to purchase not just apps, but also TV shows and various magazines.

This is on top of those updates in recent months that have seen it accommodate movies and books too. Though the movies haven't been (in our experience) sold at a particularly competitive rate and the books really struggle against Kindle offerings. But fair Play (see what we did there?) to Google for giving it a shot.

And speaking of those apps available for Android, Google reckons it has now had some 20 billion apps installed on devices. It's not clear if that is related to one off installations or app updates which we're always being told about.

Android: A million activations every dayHowever, it's not a bad figure at all and now provides more than half Android's revenue via in-app purchases

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