Android goes from operating system to real working robot

Android goes from operating system to real working robotYou know that cute Android logo? And you may even have seen the real-life Android toys based on the self-same logo. Well, now there's an actual Android robot that stands three feet tall and runs on – what else? – Google's operating system.

In a move that no doubt will have the already troubled Philip K Dick turning in his grave, these robots may not have electric dreams, but they are more than capable of walking and responding to voice commands.

Developed by RT Corp and Brilliant Service in Japan, the RIC Android was first shown off at the Google Developer Day in Tokyo a couple of months ago. More recently, however, its performance at the developer-only day has come to prominence in a new video from the show.

This Android phone-controlled robot very much a prototype and certainly won't have your AIBO robotic dog rolling over and playing dead, but come on – who wouldn't want one of these cute little fellows tucked away in the corner?

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marcher  Jan. 24, 2011 at 21:02

This is awesome. When's Mobot getting a robot?


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