First Android One phone landing in October?

First Android One phone landing in October?Ironically, in the world of mobile, there’s more than just one One. HTC, for one, has several Ones, and not forgetting the OnePlus One. One? One.

Room for One more? How about Android One? Launched at this year's Google I/O, it’s aimed squarely at emerging markets, and we’re hearing that the first handset might land as early as October.

While Android Silver will see Google working closely with its best mates at the high end of the spectrum, the aim of Android One is to make a decent phone that’s truly affordable for every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sanjay, Raj and Mukul across the world.

The first Android One phone will be produced by Micromax, costing as little as $100 (around £60 to you and me), with specs including a 4.5in display, dual-SIM slot, SD compatibility, and FM radio for all the latest pop group hits.

We’re told to expect a huge marketing push, and seemingly it’ll be India that’ll see the Android One first – in October, according to Android Authority.

More specifically, the sources claim the first Android One phone might be exclusive to Flipkart. Call me crazy, but it seems a tad counterintuitive to start making a “phone for everyone” exclusive to particular retailers, though, to be fair, Flipkart is pretty huge in India.

In any case, we’ll see what happens come October.

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