Now Android is preparing a BBM-killer

Now Android is preparing a BBM-killerIt's hardly the most surprising bits of news we've come across, but it looks like Google is planning its own messaging service to match BlackBerry BBM and the newly announced iMessage for iOS 5.

The Wall Street Journal quotes unnamed sources as saying Google “has also recently worked on a messaging application” – without going into any further details.

Until just a couple of weeks ago BlackBerry's free data-based BBM messaging service was seen as one of the Canadian firm's few real advantages over rival platforms.

But that has all changed now with Apple's announcement of iMessage for the upcoming iOS 5, not to mention Nokia's cross-platform IM for Nokia, which was unveiled through the week.

And now it seems Google will be joining the party too, delivering another blow to the increasingly endangered text message.

While the WSJ's sources have said nothing about what Google's twist on the theme will involve, most of the elements needed are pretty much already in place.

Between the Google Talk app for Android, the browser-based Gmail chat facility and the standalone GTalk program for the PC – which also supports video chat – the foundations are already well set. In fact, just about all that's missing is support for sharing photos and videos, and a group chat option.

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CTPAHHIK  Jun. 13, 2011 at 17:15

Google already has one. It's called Google Voice. You get to have an actual phone number linked to your mobile with voicemail and messaging capability and it's completely free of charge. Your voicemails are transcribed into text message. All communications are done over data connection.
Too bad it only available in US.


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