Android pushes past iPhone in the US

Android pushes past iPhone in the US

Android fans – looking for some sand to kick in the faces of those pesky iPhone lovers? How about the latest report from market-watching firm comScore in the US, which shows that more people are using Google's mobile OS than Apple's for the first time?

The gap has been narrowing consistently over recent months, but the figures from November 2010 show Android finally having edged ahead with a 26% slice of the smartphone market, up on iOS by a single per centage point. Such is the momentum of both platforms, however, that it's almost a surprise to hear that RIM is in fact still well clear of both, with some 33.5% of the market.

But the real story lies in the change over three months since August's figures. Android is the only one of the major players to have gained any serious ground - up 6% on August's figures. And while iOS has made small gains too, RIM's market share continues to slide, down more than 4% on August's figures. Surely it's only a matter of time before it too gives way before Android.

For the record, Microsoft retains a distant fourth place in the smartphone pecking order, with a 9% share of the market – also down on August's figures. So far the Windows Phone 7 revolution has been a quiet one, then.

Can anything stop Android's rise to world domination? Doesn't look like it. Then again, given that Android is used by dozens of phones while iOS is only on the iPhone and iPad, it doesn't seem entirely fair – until you realise that's exactly the way Apple wants it, that is.

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