Android Skype 3.0: a tablet-friendly overhaul

Android Skype 3.0: a tablet-friendly overhaulOne of the things letting down the Android tablet brigade is the lack of apps tailored specifically for slates. iOS, on the other hand, has several thousand apps developed for the iPad. Just saying.

Microsoft’s Skype, however, is giving Android tablets some loving, with a very slate-oriented update yielding Skype 3.0.

The latest version, Skype 3.0, went live on Google Play earlier this week, and brings with it a host of new features – alongside the obligatory “bug fixes”.

Skype on Android tablets is now more in line with the desktop Skype experience, making full use of the increased display size.

You can, for example, hold a Skype video call with one special friend while sending an instant message to a second lover. Indeed, said multitasking works just as well with plain old friends, too.

You can also sign in with your Microsoft Messenger details, and there’s improved audio during calls. Should you care for a demonstration of the improved Skype 3.0 audio, head over to Timbeeeeeer!

And that’s Android Skype 3.0, available now from Google Play.

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