Android tablets 'can't compete with Apple'

Android tablets 'can't compete with Apple'Google may be confident we'll all be using Android devices in the coming years - but it looks like analysts disagree with claims that it just can't match up the experience of iOS on a tablet.

A record number of orders for the new iPads have been put in according to Apple and Canaccord Securities analyst Mike Walkley reckons Apple will continue to dominate both market and value share in the growing tablet market into next year.

But crucially, he reckons Android manufacturers themselves have told him that they just can't compete:

“We believe Apple has extended its leadership position in the fast growing tablet market, and we have increased our 2012 and 2013 iPad tablet share estimates.

"We believe the new iPad has raised the bar relative to competing tablets with impressive hardware specs, competitive pricing, and the leading software ecosystem of over 200k iPad-specific applications.”

“At MWC, our meetings with Android OEMs focused on smartphones as tablet OEMs indicated difficulty competing with the iPad 2, let alone the new iPad.”


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CTPAHHIK  Mar. 16, 2012 at 09:44

It's not hardware (or tablet manufacturers) that is at fault. There is nothing inherently better in iPad hardware vs. competition. It's actually software that makes all the difference. Honeycomb is not bad, but it's a joke compared to iOS. Android runs great on the phone, but falls short when it comes to a tablet.
I have not see any tablets with native ICS yet. Unless tablet experience is upgraded in ICS Apple won't have much competition.

Stelph  Mar. 16, 2012 at 10:12

Nah, Android tablets can easily compete, howver manufacturers/developers/Google need to focus on the main benefits of Android over iOS and build on them, for example

1) Cost - iPads are extremely expensive, and most of the Android tablets out there are good quality but similarly priced or poor quality and cheap. If samsung could put out something like the 7.7 tab for £199 or less or the 10.1 tab for £250 I think people would take notice

2) Connectability - Android tablets are continuanly missing a trick with respect to connection points, to connect any device to an iPad requires several £30 adapters (e.g. camera connection and HDMI out), Android tablets should come with HDMI out and full SD and preferably full USB as standard (or at least have a docking station which mirrors the HDMI and 2-3 x USB)

3) Flexability of the Android Platform - Android has some truely talented developers, check out these examples
Touchpad running Cornerstone to increase productivity+multitasking

Android phone running sixaxis app that is emulating touchpoints on the screen so you

Google need to step up and take more responsiblilty for the tablets, buy in examples of great work by developers like this and publicise them as benefits over the iPad (the sixaxis app for example with a HDMI out port essentially means you have a portable games console), encourage development of more media creation apps etc.

If they could fix this, that would win over people who are on the fence and currently are just going for an iPad as they dont really know theres another option


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