Android the top selling platform of all – Carphone Warehouse

Android the top selling platform of all – Carphone WarehouseAndroid overtook all other mobile operating systems to be the top-selling smartphone platform of all in 2010, says Carphone Warehouse.

In announcing its latest UK sales figures, the retailer said there had been a huge spike in demand for smartphones in recent months – to the extent that smartphones accounted for three out of every four handsets sold in the quarter ending on January 1.

Carphone boss Roger Taylor wasn't able to confirm exact figures on the platform breakdown – the Guardian reports – but he did insist that “at some point in 2010 Android overtook every other operating platform”.

As for the year ahead, Taylor said smartphones would continue to expand their grip on the market, and would make significant inroads in the prepay market this year as low-cost handset options improve.

Android's rise to dominance is hardly a surprise given how many smartphones now run the platform – especially when compared with the single, high-cost iPhone that represents iOS in the smartphone arena.

However, new research also reveals that Android users are slightly more loyal than their Apple-owning rivals too. A Zokem study in the US showed that 89% of Android users plan on sticking with the platform for their next phone, slightly up on the 85% of iPhone users and way ahead of everyone else.

In one respect the iPhone clearly dominated, however. For every single platform, the most popular choice among those who were planning to make a change next time? Well, we don't have to spell it out, do we?

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