Angry Birds Seasons gets an underwater summer update

Angry Birds Seasons gets an underwater summer updateI've got a real issue with Angry Birds. Not an anger issue. Nothing like that. More, a frustration issue. I can't keep up.

Angry Birds this, Angry Birds that. Seasons, Rio and so forth. Just when I feel I'm getting somewhere on one game, another update or levels pop up and I'm back to scrabbling around.

So I am virtually suicidal at the news that there is now another update for Angry Birds Seasons - with an underwater version signalling the arrival of summer (either Rovio hasn't visited the UK or it is being ironic).

Players are welcomed to the underwater world of Piglantis where you can fling yourself about to your heart's content. There's love for both iOS and Android straight away. Presumably, the birds won't need oxygen. The laws of physics may also offer some new frustrations when it comes to chucking stuff about.

I'll look forward to trying it - hopefully before the Christmas edition lands. But if you have a play first, let us know your thoughts below.

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