Angry Birds Space: 50 million downloads and counting

Angry Birds Space: 50 million downloads and countingIt's safe to say that Angry Birds has proved reasonably popular among mobile users – in fact, it's without doubt the most popular mobile game of all time.

And it's probably a safe bet that there's still plenty of life left in the concept too, given that the newly unleashed Angry Birds Space has just passed an incredible 50 million downloads in just over a month.

That certainly puts paid to any notion that we're starting to get a bit sick of the Angry Birds concept, even if the game has been notoriously slow in expanding beyond its Android / iOS power base.

Rovio has tweaked the gameplay mechanics and added in radial gravity in releasing Angry Birds Space, which makes it feel more like a true sequel than the themed add-on packs we've seen released in the past.

So well done Rovio – and well done smartphone users, too: there's nothing like 50 million stamps of approval for making sure those updates and new levels will keep on coming into the future.

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Pondlife  May. 2, 2012 at 12:08

Anybody here found it dragging them in?

Played the others more in stores while seeing how various tablets feel than I have on my devices in months, and can't garner any enthusiasm for this one.


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