Angry Birds for WinPho gets 90 new levels

Angry Birds for WinPho gets 90 new levels

There are many ways to compare mobile operating systems, and according to most of them, Windows Phone 7 just isn't as good as iOS or Android.

Well in one admittedly largely insignificant way the gap has just closed, as Angry Birds on Microsoft's mobile platform has just received another 90 levels.

Let's face it: it's nowhere near as significant as the kind of features Windows Phone 7 users are waiting for in the Mango update set to land in the next few months. But if you're a gaming fan, or more specifically an Angry Birds addict, news of a full 90 new levels to play through is sure to brighten up your Monday morning.

For the record, it brings the count on Windows Phones up to 225 levels, unlocking chapters 10 and 11 in the process.

That comes barely a month after Rovio's pig-bashing gaming phenomenon launched on the platform in the first place, which suggests it's working to get Windows Phone on the same level as iOS and Android when it comes to getting the latest updates and episodes.

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