Anti-abuse filters arrive on Twitter for verified accounts

Anti-abuse filters arrive on Twitter for verified accounts

Early this year Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo admitted that the short-form social network needed to improve its ability to deal with online abuse, and it looks like they are finally putting those words into action. New algorithms have been added to the service which will detect threatening and abusive language, as well as scan for context, and will block tweets from a user’s timeline if it deems the content goes too far.

Before we all start celebrating, there are some limitations for now. Only verified users (those with blue ticks by their name) will qualify for these new filters for now, and the algorithms in question are only available in the app for Apple devices. Of course, there will be an option to turn off the new feature, allowing users to have an unfiltered experience if they so wish.

Via Sky News

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 24, 2015 at 12:32

They cannot block obvious - very obvious - p*rn-bots, pedos, or Richard Dawkins (sorry, Dickie); but promise to detect "abuse"? What about verified users whose every other word is "f*ck" or "Kim"or "Kardashian"?

A team in CERN currently investigates whether Dawkins, Harris and Maher are indeed "New
Atheists" or just islamophobes by any means necessary? Gate to multiverse/s isn't opening, though... we'll never know. But I don't wanna read their 'science'. It's offensive to me.

More importantly - IMAGE PREVIEW!!! On most mobile apps those can be disabled.
Rightly so. With my breakfast do I need a 400 pound hag squashing a kitten? Do I need
to see puppies boiled alive in Yulin to know it's wrong? But the Twitter website won't let us disable those and all the other offensive images. RIDICK!
They are doing these things to cater to celebs and our soft-skinned genocidal politicians who can't take criticism.

SpeedyG  Mar. 24, 2015 at 20:12

Jan we need to get 1000 sigs or promote you to get a verified tick buddy. :p

There is a trick, but ordinary joes who follow will take a long while to get it, so the old adage 'Money buys you everything works well for the likes of Twitter as well as Youtube and other social media. As you say it's a trying to stem the tide of abuse out there when the horses bolted, while forgetting other bots and images of disrepute need the same treatment. (If you use google+, it's a lot worse...)


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