App Store update mania

App Store update maniaOne of the great things about smartphone games is free updates. While you can expect to pay hundreds of Microbucks for downloadable content (DLC) on the trusty Xbox 360, smartphone games regularly receive meaty updates - entirely free of charge.

It’s all too easy to ignore that little red circle on the App Store icon that cries out “update me!”, but over the past couple of weeks there have been some sweet releases.

Being entirely naive, I would perhaps suggest that developers do it for the love of the games, but – more often than not – there’s money to be made, with an increasing number of apps making revenue not from up-front cost, but via in-app purchasing. Hmm.

Anyway, that’s another rant for another time. For now, let’s embrace the Nappy of Naivety and bathe in the glory of these updates.

App Store update maniaDraw Something

The ridiculously popular Draw Something has received a handful of updates since release. This latest one adds a cheeky Zynga logo to the OMGPOP loading screen (no mention of that on the release notes, unsurprisingly), and - more importantly - Retina support for those of us rocking the new iPad.

How about some new colours and words though, chaps?

Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II, sequel to one of the sexiest smartphone games of all the times, first dropped back on December 1, seeing young Siris continue on his quest to hit baddies with big swords and that.

Now, six months later, we have the second major update, in the form of Vault of Tears. The update boasts new areas, new enemies, new achievements, and more than 50 new items.

As if that wasn’t good enough, Chair promises a third major update is coming soon. Er, as is Mobot’s Infinity Blade II review.

App Store update maniaAngry Birds Space

If I were the kind of chap to aim for three stars in every Angry Birds Space level, I’d still be going at it now, I reckon. There’s plenty of bang for your buck, and it sure ain’t easy.

I really enjoyed Angry Birds Space, but the space setting kinda left everything feeling a little… sterile? The latest Angry Birds Space update looks to change all that with 10 bizarre food-related levels.

You heard me.

Pinball Arcade

Reckoned by many to be the best iOS pinball experience, Pinball Arcade’s secret is that all its tables are recreations of real pinball machines. Genius.

The latest Pinball Arcade DLC introduces two new tables, namely Cirqus Voltaire and Funhouse. That makes eight tables in total. Huzzah!

As per Pinball Arcade tradition, you can have a quick blast of both Cirqus Voltaire and Funhouse for free. In fact, the former is entirely free (with ads) at the moment, as table of the month. Otherwise, they’ll set you back £1.99 each, or £2.99 for both.

App Store update maniaClear Vision

Anyone who’s played Clear Vision will tell you two things: that it’s reeeaaally good, but reeeaaally short. The App Store description promised more content in due course, and now there’s an extra five levels of sniping action. All you have to do is finish Episode 1 to unlock the new stuff.

Amusingly, the Clear Vision update also includes “Minor adjustments to comply with Apple requirements and rules”. I wonder what that means…

Jetpack Joyride

Yet another huge update for Jetpack Joyride, one of our Top Free iPad games. The developer will no doubt be hoping you fork out for in-game content with real cash, but it’s really not necessary.

This latest Jetpack Joyride update introduces Flash the Dog, a remixed theme song, and even more gadgets. Can’t argue with that.

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