Apple 2014 roadmap: two iPhones, two iWatches, two iPads

Apple 2014 roadmap: two iPhones, two iWatches, two iPadsRussell Crowe’s Noah (good gawd) is currently welcoming animals on board his big ark in two-by-two fashion (“Based on a true story”, don’t you know), but he’s not the only one adopting the two-by-two formation.

Ming Chi Kuo, a vaguely trusted analyst at KGI Securities, says we should we expect two new iPhones this year, alongside two new iWatches and two new iPads. Beautiful.

Starting with the iPhone 6, Kuo reiterates the popular notion of two sizes, specifically 4.7in and 5.5in, with respective resolutions of 1334 x 750 (326PPI) and 1920 x 1080 (401PPI).

Shared iPhone 6 specs will supposedly include an Apple A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, optical image stabilisation (OIS), Touch ID fingerprint scanners, thickness of 6.5-7mm, metal bodies, and NFC (Near Field Communication).

Interestingly, Kuo suggests the 4.7in iPhone 6 will arrive in Q3, with the 5.5in model following in Q4, and that only the 5.5in iPhone 6 with 64GB storage will have that rumoured sapphire crystal display.

Moving onto the inevitable iPad Air 2, it’ll supposedly have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, Apple A8 processor, and 8MP rear camera. The interesting thing here is the notion of the iPad Air 2 launching earlier in the year than 2013’s iPad Air, which landed in October.

As for the iPad mini Retina 2, it might also come with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and A8 processor, while the existing iPad mini Retina will likely hang around at a reduced cost.

Incidentally, the much-discussed iPad Pro isn’t expected – according to Kuo – until space year 2015AD.

Finally, the iWatches will measure 1.3in and 1.5in diagonally, both with flexible AMOLED. Other iWatch specs include biometric recognition, NFC, wireless charging, and batteries in the region of 200-250mAh.

iWatch price? The most expensive guy could cost upwards of $1,000. Wow.

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