Apple's attempt to ban the Samsung Galaxy S III in the US fails... for now

Apple's attempt to ban the Samsung Galaxy S III in the US fails... for now

Ha! In your face, Apple! That's no doubt the mood at Samsung this afternoon, after Cupertino lost in its attempt to have the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone banned from sale in the US before it even launched.

Just in case you don't know, Apple had been trying to get the S III banned across the Atlantic over what it claims are copyright infringements. This is the latest spat in a messy argument being fought between the two giants with some countries blocking some products and others telling Apple to go swivel.

In this particular case, the judge, Lucy Koh, simply couldn't "fit Apple's demanding time frame into her schedule" so it ended up Cupertino 0-1 South Korea.

But it's not all roses for Samsung. This isn't to say that the Galaxy S III won't be banned. Merely that it won't be banned yet. It was literally a case of the judge couldn't view the case before the planned launch date. There's always a possibility that she will side with Apple when the case does actually appear before her legal eyes.

That's probably going to happen sometime in July - which means the majority of SIII pre-orders will have been fulfilled and a huge advertising campaign underway to unseat Apple as best Samsung can, similar to that we've seen here. Although we'd recommend dropping the ridiculous "designed for humans" tagline which basically means sweet FA.

We're not sure if it would be banned in all of the USA - or just part. We mentioned this case last week but back then, it was just two cities that were being targeted by Apple

We've had it here since last month but the US gets it over the next few weeks in a staggered formation. First AT&T and T-Mobile on June 21st, followed by Verizon.

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