Apple awarded $290 million in damages, Samsung to appeal

Apple awarded 0 million in damages, Samsung to appealWe heard last week that Apple and Samsung were back in court in order to establish how much the latter should pay the former in damages, with the Californians demanding $380 million while the South Koreans reckoned $52 million was more fitting.

Well, the jury has settled on a figure, specifically $290 million, and while that’s down a fair bit from the original figure of $1 billion, Samsung will of course appeal the decision.

The $290 million figure is broken down by copycat device, mostly old stuff, with the biggest offenders being the Infuse 4G ($99.9 million) and the Droid Charge ($60.7 million).

In a statement to AllThingsD, a Cupertino spokesperson yells: “For Apple, this case has always been about more than patents and money. It has been about innovation and the hard work that goes into inventing products that people love. While it’s impossible to put a price tag on those values, we are grateful to the jury for showing Samsung that copying has a cost.”

Meanwhile, Samsung sobs: “We are disappointed by today’s decision, which is based in large part on a patent that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has recently deemed invalid. While we move forward with our post-trial motions and appeals, we will continue to innovate with groundbreaking technologies and great products that are loved by our many customers all around the world.”

In further quote action, juror Barry Goldman-Hall adds: "If you invent something, that's a valuable commodity. In this particular business, that's serious."

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