Apple's competitors could benefit from Jobslessness

Apple's competitors could benefit from JobslessnessAnalyst types have been stroking their chins this week, absorbing the news that Steve Jobs has stepped down as Apple boss and contemplating the future.

These high paid crystal ball gazers suggest that – this is why they make the big bucks – Apple’s competitors might see Jobs’ stepping down as a weakness, and in turn it could inspire them to punch the iPad and iPhone in the face.

“It’s going to give competitors a bit more of a lease of life to go out and compete harder,” says Richard Windsor, global technology analyst at Nomura International. “It’s been thought about, talked about endlessly for the past several years that Tim Cook would probably take over so while you get an initial knee-jerk reaction on the downside, we would probably expect that not to last very long.”

That knee-jerk reaction saw Apple’s share price take a tumble when the news broke, while Sony, Nokia, Samsung and HTC all rose.

“If the new management team doesn’t sustain the level of innovation that Steve Jobs spearheaded, it’s going to be an opportunity for the competition in the long term,” adds Lee Young Seog, a fund manager with Korea Investment Management Co.

Yeah, Steve Jobs did wonderful things for Apple, but let’s not give him all the credit. What about Jonathan “Jony” Ive?

via: Bloomberg

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Stelph  Aug. 26, 2011 at 14:44

The only way that the competitors can compete with the iPad is to massively undercut the device on price (since Honeycomb seems to be moving/improving very slowely at the moment) and thats not changed just because Jobs has stopped being the boss of Apple. As shown by the firesale of the touchsmart (which I totally believe would have been as frenzied as it was if the tablets were sold at £189 rather than £89) customers want a good deal

blizzard7  Aug. 26, 2011 at 18:42

Yup, I agree. A big brand tablet at £199 could topple the iPad if done right.


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