Apple contemplates launching Spotify-style service, iTunes app for Android

Apple contemplates launching Spotify-style service, iTunes app for AndroidThe times they are a changing, and one victim of technological advance is Apple’s iTunes, which asks consumers to hand over money in exchange for individual albums or tracks. How quaint.

The Californians are reportedly weighing up several options as iTunes nurses a double-digit hit in sales, most notably a full-blown streaming service to rival Spotify, and an iTunes app for Google’s Android OS.

That’s the story over on Billboard, which credits “three people familiar with the talks”. Incidentally, the talks are reportedly at the “exploratory” stage for now, with various avenues being poked and prodded.

Apple of course has iTunes Radio already, but it’s thought that Team Cook could put its weight behind a full-blown streaming service that’d straddle all devices and operating systems.

There’s also the possibility of a Google Play iTunes app, which would allow Android users to buy songs, albums and other content from Apple’s cyber-store. Android’s smartphone market share is something silly like 70+%.

Amusingly, Steve Wozniak suggested iTunes should embrace Android some 18 months ago, roaring: “Why don't we port iTunes to Android? Did something get closed up? I love Apple products and iTunes and wish it were on my Android products too.”

You might well get your wish, big man, though you could be waiting a while. Hang tight.

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